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Rapid Fire Whey Protein - 100% muscle ammuniton

Is a perfect protein for pre and post training needs. It has been designed to absorb maximum protein in minimal time, making protein available for muscle building. BCAA have been added to enhance the manufacture, maintenance & repair of muscles.

Rapid Fire Whey protein is an optimum blend of Instantized whey, delactosed pure whey isolate, concentrated & hydrolysed whey protein, meaning athletes will benefit for all types of rapidly absorbing as well as premium grade BCAA. The combination of quality ingredients assist blood flow during exercise meaning the nutrients reach your muscles faster, which enhances repair and growth.

Rapid Fire Whey provides high quality proteins, amino acids, L-Glutamine and is extremely low in fats and carbohydrates. A great training supplement and low calorie protein shake that be used with great benefit at any time of the day.

Rapid Fire Whey is BS-X's leanest and lowest calorie protein.

Massive 75 servings per 2.25kg Tub.

Per Scoop :K/Cals:117 - Protein:24g - Carbohydrates:1.65g - Fat:1.65g

Protein Information:

Whey proteins are rapidly absorbed by the body and contain high amounts of amino acids. The digestion rate of these proteins can be altered and slowed when consumed with different ratios of carbohydrates and fat.Whey Isolates are also quickly absorbed but are generally filtered achieving a higher percentage of protein as well as being virtually lactose free, carbohydrate and fat free.

Hydrolized whey proteins are pure forms of protein that have been filtered to remove fats and lactose. This form of whey protein has small peptides or bonds of amino acids and they are absorbed rapidly by the body.

Instantized whey is a filtration process that protects the excellent nutrients of whey protein but allows them to mix smoothly and easily to enhance the usability and taste. Supplements containing forms of Whey Isolates and delactosed whey are a preffered choice for those who suffer intollerances to lactose.

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