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Fortify Ultra Meal Replacement contains a combination of six different types of whey and Casein Protein in one muscle building meal replacement shake.  The different combination of Whey Casein and isolate proteins provide: fast, medium and slow digesting proteins to maximise your nitrogen balance and create an optimal muscle building environment.

This scientifically supirior formula offers maximum correct nutrients to support muscle building, provide susutained energy with a low fat content. This meal replacement formula is designed to drip feed your muscles the correct nutrients for up to six hours after consumption.

Fortify MR has been over engineered and goes beyond simple meal replacement expectation. The formula is enhanced with Branch chain amino acids to maximise muscle growth, promote protein synthesis and aid muscle tissue repair

Per 50g Scoop : K/cals 189 Protein 26g Carbs 18g Fat 4.9g

BS-X provides you the latest formulations to give the greatest results.

Whey proteins are rapidly absorbed by the body and contain high amounts of amino acids. The digestion rate of these proteins can be altered when consumed with different ratios of carbohydrates and fat.

Supplements containing Whey Isolates and delactosed whey protein are a preferred choice for those who suffer intolerances to lactose.

Casein protein - due to the manufacturing process this protein is digested far slower than whey as it clots in the stomach which slows its digestion rate. .Contains more milk and calories than whey but will provide a more full feeling for longer.

Both casein and whey are required for complete nutrition and muscle growth.

Vegetable protein, such as soy are complete proteins that digest slower than whey variants. They are slightly less effective than whey protein when it comes to forming new muscle but its abilities to repair muscle are great.

Egg albumen - offers high quality, low fat protein that is more anabolic than vegetable proteins. It supplies a high level of BCAA's which contributes towards accelerated muscle growth.

It's said that Proteins and Aminos are the soldiers of the body, if that's true; Fortify MR supplies its own army.

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