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Recharge perfectly combines zinc, magnesium & vitamin B6 to stimulate the production of the anabolic hormones that promote muscle growth & repair. Bodybuilders, Strength and endurance athletes can all benefit by adding this great energy boosting supplement to their training & nutrition programme.

Recharge can be used at any time of the day to provide the kick start your body needs but it is ideally suited as a bedtime supplement due to its unique chemical ability to encourage a better nights sleep whilst regenerating the body, mind & libido.  

Recharge is a combination of vitamins and macro and trace minerals. The formula provides accelerated recovery and growth after training and assists a deeper, more restful sleep. Recharge is an advancement on the initial ZMA formula created by American Laboratories during the 80s. This formula has been much studied and the scientific results recorded and documented. 

Zinc: Is a trace mineral that the body requires ( in small amounts )to maintain a healthy, functioning immune system and is a key mineral in the bodys ability to taste and smell. Zinc also aids cell growth and division, which for athletes is important for growth and repair . Vegetarians will benefit greatly from this supplement due to their diet being low in animal protein.

Calcium: Is a macro-mineral that is vital to healthy bones and teeth but on a Lesser scale calcium aids heart and nerve functions . Supplementation is advisable to all especially athletes who train with weights, as stronger bones will prevent injuries. VITAMIN B6 ( pyridoxine ) Is a water soluble vitamin, meaning the body doesn’t store the vitamin so it must be consumed daily.

Vitamin B6: assists brain function and helps the body convert protein into energy. This is great for athletes who need energy and wish to keep bodyfat levels low.


suggested use: Take 2 tablets 30-60 minutes before bed.

Tip: Works best on an empty stomach.

servings per container: 60


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