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Blast Pro, an all in one protein and carbohydrate supplement has been formulated to combine the essential muscle building ingredients that you need to achieve your goals in one great tasting protein shake. 

Blast Pro provides a high level of protein with the correct ratio of carbohydrates to aid recovery & assist the uptake of its other quality nutrients like creatine monohydrate

Blast Pro contains L-Glutamine which assists recovery & supports the immune system and HMB ( beta-hydroxy beta - methylbutyrate, an amino acid that delays muscle breakdown )to improve protein synthesis which assists strength gains and promotes lean mass.  

Per 60g Scoop : k/cals 230  protein 30g  carbs 13g  fat 4.68g


Blast Pro combines all the main ingredients needed for muscle growth and repair. In fact it does everything except go in the gym for you.

Protein: Is the main building block of muscle and is essential for normal healthy function and more specifically muscle growth and repair. Protein in the form of supplements can be rapidly absorbed by the body and contains high amounts of amino acids. The digestion rate of these proteins can be altered when consumed with different ratios of carbohydrates and fat.

Protein Whey Isolates are also quickly absorbed but are generally filtered achieving a higher percentage of protein as well as being virtually lactose free, carbohydrate and fat free. Supplements containing Whey Isolates and delactosed whey are a preferred choice for those who suffer intolerances to lactose.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel for your cells. There are two types of carbohydrates,starches and sugars, these break down at different rates. This formula contains carbohydrates that digest and absorb slowly providing constant energy and fuel to your ever expanding muscles.

L-Glutamine: Is a key amino acid that is produced by the body, in small amounts which traditionally makes it non essential. However L-Glutamine has the ability to become essential becomes an essential amino acid for persons who undertake intense exercise and training.

L-Gutamine assists protein synthesis, greatly contributes to the healing and repair of muscle and is an important element needed for the release of growth hormones and nitrogen balance. For these reasons L-Glutamine is an essential addition for persons who train with weights and exercise intensely and that’s precisely why its included in this great multi-purpose protein.

HMB:( beta-hydroy beta-methylbutyric acid ) Is an amino acid that plays a key role in muscle and immune function. HMB has been proven to delay the breakdown of muscle due to exercise and promote new tissue growth.

Creatine: Is naturally produced by the body and is stored in skeletal muscle cells, where it assists muscle contractions. Creatine pulls water into the muscles assisting protein synthesis which speeds up muscle gain and repair. Creatine supplementation is extremely effective in high-Intensity training explosive activities, such as weightlifting. 

Blast through the barriers and grow !

Suggested Use:

Mix a 60g scoop with 150-200ml of water or milk and drink.

Those looking to add quality size should add one scoop after training and one scoop before bed.

For best results combine with Rapid Fire and Fortify Ultra

Serving Size : 60g

Servings Per 2.25kg : 37

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