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Defender 369 is a combination of the essential fatty acids (E.F.A) that are required for health, maintenance and well being.

These fatty acids cannot be produced by the body so must be consumed on a daily basis, either through diet or supplementation. Deficiency of essential fatty acids can have serious and damaging effects on the body and is related to a number of medical conditions .

Defender 369 is your first line of defence against deficiency ! E.F.As assist muscular development, boost your immune system, keep your skin healthy and support your heart.

Omega 3 - are essential fatty acids that play vital roles with many functions of the body. Omega 3 levels are highly concentrated in the brain and assist memory and behavioural function.

Benefits - Lower the risk of chronic diseases , lower cholesterol and assist brain function Deficiencies - depression - fatigue - reduced memory capacity - dry skin

Omega 6 - another essential fatty acid ( or polyunsaturated fat ) that acts in synergy with omega 3 to assist brain function, normal growth and development .

Benefits - lowers the risk of chronic diseases, lowers cholesterol and assists brain function. Deficiencies - stiff joints - dry skin - retarded growth - irregular heart beat

Omega 9 - ( oleic acid ) is a non essential fatty acid that is produced In small amounts naturally within the body . Omega 9 production levels increase to compensate for deficiencies of omega 3 and 6. This may sound good but omega 9 levels are not sustainable as a replacement essential fatty acids so an individuals health will suffer .

Omega 9 is an excellent tool for Bodybuilders as it reduces insulin resistance .

Benefits - Improves the Immune system - assist blood flow and fights cancer. Deficiencies - painful joints - dry skin - irregular heart function - behavioural changes

The Best form of attack begins with Defence !

Suggested Use:

Take 1-2 capsules daily before food



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