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The BS-X Ultimate Fighter pack includes all the supplements needed to provide energy and enduranceassist growth & repair and fuel a fantastic workout.

Rapid Fire Whey Protein has been designed to absorb maximum protein in minimal time, making protein available for muscle building. BCAA have been added to enhance the manufacture, maintenance & repair of muscles.

NO.Pump Action(nitric oxide) boosts the release of hormones and adrenaline which increases blood flow to your muscles, this speeds up recovery and encourages muscle growth.

Explo-Test is formulated with 100% pure Bulbine Natalensis extract. Recent studies have shown that Bulbine increases naturally occurring testosterone production levels whilst actively lowering oestrogen. This combination provides a subtle but powerful combination to promote muscle growth and enhance strength.

Reload is an ideal supplement for athletes looking for that competitive edge. It can be used before, during or after intense exercise to provide a physical and mental boost whilst simultaneously energising & hydrating depleted muscles, enabling you to train harder for longer.

Recharge perfectly combines zinc, magnesium & vitamin B6 to stimulate the production of the anabolic hormones that promote muscle growth & repair. Bodybuilders, Strength and endurance athletes can all benefit by adding this great energy boosting supplement to their training & nutrition programme.

Stealth Multivitamins provide your body with its basic requirments for health and wellbeing. Deficiencies of basic vitamins and minerals are a contributing factor to many poor health conditions .This supplement is a cost effective method to ensure you cover the bodies basic needs in one serving.

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Rapid Fire Whey - Protein when you need it most

Whey proteins are rapidly absorbed by the body and contain high amounts of amino acids. The digestion rate of these proteins can be altered and slowed when consumed with different ratios of carbohydrates and fat. Whey Isolates are also quickly absorbed but are generally filtered achieving a higher percentage of protein as well as being virtually lactose free, carbohydrate and fat free.

Hydrolysed whey proteins are pure forms of protein that have been filtered to remove fats  and lactose. This form of whey protein has small peptides or bonds of amino acids and they are absorbed rapidly by the body.

Instantised whey is a filtration process that protects the excellent nutrients of whey protein but allows them to mix smoothly and easily to enhance the usability and taste. Supplements containing forms of Whey Isolates and delactosed whey are a preferred choice for those who suffer intolerances to lactose.

Massive 75 servings per 2.25kg

Suggested Use:

mix 1 x 30g scoop with 150ml-200ml of water or milk and consume.

Take one scoop upon waking and one directly after training.

Reload is a combination of Electrolytes, caffeine and carbohydrates that provide a rapid increase in energy levels & mental focus. This state of the art formula is nutritionally enhanced the vitamins C & E to boost the immune system and defend against free radicals & fatigue.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel for your cells and muscles. Without adequate supplies the body does not function optimally and this can be measured by us as fatigue, aches, tiredness and weakness. There are two types of carbohydrates, sugars and starches. Sugars break down quickly and starches take longer to digest. Simple sugars have been used in this great formula to provide instant energy when the body requires it and to replace used glycogen ( stored energy ) replacement.

Electrolytes are ions that are electrically charged. These ions are made up of salt based vitamins and minerals that are responsible for keeping our body properly hydrated. During exercise and activity electrolytes are depleted and need to be replenished so our bodies function correctly and health is not put at risk. If the body is dehydrated the bodys ability to regulate heat is diminished, which induces fatigue, mental impairment and affects the heart rate.

The electrolyte matrix contains 5 key ingredients: sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin E: that rehydrate and energise the body and combat fatigue.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that enhances motivation and energy as well as mobilizing fat so the body can use it as fuel. The effects are immediate and sudden increases in performance and focus can be experienced. 

Reload - Keep Firing - Keep Going

Suggested use : mix one 40g scoop with 150ml water & consume

Pre-training = energy & focus

Mid training = boost performance

Post training = rehydrate muscle & replenish glycogen

Servings per container : 30

Recharge ( advanced ZMA formulation )is a combination of vitamins and macro and trace minerals. The formula provides accelerated recovery and growth after training and assists a deeper, more restful sleep. Recharge is an advancement on the initial ZMA formula created by American Laboratories during the 80s. This formula has been much studied and scientific results recorded.

Zinc: Is a trace mineral that the body requires ( in small amounts )to maintain a healthy, functioning immune system and is a key mineral in the bodys ability to taste and smell. Zinc also aids cell growth and division, which for athletes is important for growth and repair . Vegetarians will benefit greatly from this supplement due to their diet being low in animal protein.

Calcium: Is a macromineral that is vital to healthy bones and teeth but on a Lesser scale calcium aids heart and nerve functions . Supplementation is advisable to all especially athletes who train with weights, as stronger bones will prevent injuries.

Vitamin B6 ( pyridoxine ) Is a water soluble vitamin, meaning the body doesn’t store the vitamin so it must be consumed daily. It assists brain function and helps the body convert protein into energy. This is great for athletes who need energy and wish to keep bodyfat levels low.

Real Results require real sleep,so Recharge and grow

suggested use: Take 2 tablets 30-60minutes before bed. Works best on an empty stomach.

servings per container: 60

Explo-Test contains the much hyped Bulbine Natelensis which is receiving great praise for its ability to increase naturally occurring testosterone whilst actively lowering oestrogen.

Why is this important to male athletes ?

Testosterone is an anabolic steroidal hormone that is produced primarily in the testicles, it has many functions within the body. It is well known for its muscle building qualities and more often that not associated with steroids, which are banned.

Testosterone plays a vital role in the metabolism and rate of food digestion, sex drive, mood regulation and memory function. To linger on the role that testosterone plays in the metabolism, it is shown that normal levels of testosterone assist maintenance of optimal healthy weight and reduce degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Men are reported to lose 1.5% of the testosterone production after the age of 30 and this continues year on year. Low testosterone levels are contributing to a world epidemic that threatens lives around the world due to chemicals, poor diet and lack of exercise . Both men and women produce testosterone but women to a lesser degree than men.

Estrogen is also a steroidal compound but found more dominantly in women as its produced primarily in the ovaries . Oestrogen is a key factor in the sexual differences of men and women and plays a vital role in the menstrual cycle, fertility and even weight. oestrogen determines metabolic function and the rate which calories are burnt. If through genetic disorder, poor diet, lack of exercise or chemicals oestrogen levels rise, then fat is stored easily and not burnt as energy.

In conclusion lowering oestrogen and raising natural testosterone assists muscle building, sex drive and fat levels If used as part of a post steroid course, then natural testosterone levels can be put back in sync with normal levels meaning reduced steroid side effects and more retained muscle gain.

Explo-Test - For those who are serious about muscle

Suggested Use

Take 2 tablets upon waking and 2 tablets before your workout ( or at least 6 hrs after the first dose )

Additional : Supplement dose can be safely increased to 4 tablets per serving depending on individual tolerance.

Serving size: 2 tablets

Servings: 60 

N.O.Pump Action( nitric oxide matrix ) is a naturally occurring gas that the body uses to communicate messages between cells. It plays a vital role in the circulation of blood to the major organs and muscles. Nitric oxide is made when the body breaks down the amino acid Arginine, which is found in foods such as spinach, crab, shrimp and white, meats.

N.O Pump Action combines a range of vitamins and minerals to boost the effects of Arginine and create a greater level of nitric oxide leading to better blood flow to your muscle and organs. The ingredients all have immune system and energy boosting properties that work together to greatly enhance the overall effect of the supplement.

N.O Pump Action contains a calculated range of other amino acids that enhance muscle repair and growth. The result is a great training boost that leaves your muscle full and pumped, ready to grow.

Pump it to the Max

Suggested Use :

Take 2-3 capsules before training.

*Do not take within 6 hours of bedtime.

servings per container: 20-30

Stealth Multivitamins go above and beyond what is expected of a multivitamin and mineral supplement. One tablet will provide your body with its basic requirments for health and wellbeing. Deficiencies of basic vitamins and minerals are a contributing factor to many poor health conditions .This supplement is a cost effective method to ensure you cover the bodies basic needs.

Deficiencies of essential macro and trace minerals can and will over time have devastating effects on the human body.Disease and illness can occur due to insufficient compounds being obtained by the organs and systems of the body. The modern life style patterns and habits of the majority are a great cause for concern amongst all health professionals and should be taken more seriously by individuals.

Stealth M.V contain essential vitamins that increase your physical and mental vitality, strengthen your immune system and assist recovery after intense exercise. The ingedients have been choosen and combined to assist and benefit everyone, from athletes to persons who choose not to exersise.

Adding Stealth to a daily programme will enhance physical and mental wellbeing and deliver key vitamins and minerals that the body needs for healthy functioning. Athletes who engage in intense exersise require more vitamins and minerals than those who do not. The quality formulation supplied in this one a day tablet boosts energy, replenishes essential compounds, boosts the metabolism and assists with recovery.No elaborate reactions, just silent protection and health.

Remember your health is the most valuable assests you can have so look after it !

Stealth M.V - Protection where it's needed most


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