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Obliteration fat attack formula is a combination of the strongest & most effective natural weight loss & energy boosting ingredients available. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise programme the results are remarkable.

Obliteration dramatically improves the rate in which fat burning occurs & will provide a huge increase in explosive energy levels.    

Obliteration fat attack formula combines a team of fat busting and appetite suppressing ingredients to destroy unwanted fat.

Bitter Orange: Is a hybrid fruit from citrus trees .It contains Tyramine metabolites which are similar to the banned substance ephidrine and its inclusion in supplements has become popular due to the similarities. It is a herbal and natural appetite surpressant, which if on a calorie controlled diet can be a great aid to avoid binge eating.

Caffeine: Is unique in that it is both water and fat soluble and its chemical make up enables caffeine to cross the brain-blood barrier. This means it affects ATP (adenosine triposphate)assists energy release and promotes fat burning. Caffeine encourages the body to mobilize fat and spare muscle glycogen which can enhance performance .

Green Tea Extract: Originated in China and is made from the leaves of a plant called, camellia sinensis. Green Tea has been studied intensly over several decades and found to have great health benefits, most notably its great effects at lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Green Tea has another specific advantage, it has been shown to induce Thermogenesis ( raise the core temperature ) and stimulate fat buring, this boosts the metabolic rate  without increasing heart rate.

The benefits continue with this great ingredient, green tea is rich in bioflavanoids and polyphenols which assist the body fight harmful toxins.

Guarana: Is made from seeds Amazon plants and has some similar properties to caffeine. It is an appetite suppressant and natural stimulant that can increase the metabolism and calories burnt during movement.

N-Acetl-L-Carnitine: Is made in the body organs of the liver and kidney and transported to skeletal muscles where it is stored. It assists the body transport fatty acids to the body cells where it can release energy to be used as fuel. Improved energy, less fatigue and improved calorie burning are the benefits of this ingredient.

Suggested Use :

Take 1 or 2 capsules twice per day, ensuring a gap of 4 - 6hrs between servings. Optimal fat attack occurs around training times.

Warning : Avoid consuming close to bedtime due to the strength of Obliteration

Servings per container: 60


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