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Battle-Cry is a precise energy boosting pre workout formula that's scientifically designed to provide instant training motivation. The ingredients specifically combine together and create a synergistic effect which enhances the potency of this pre workout sports supplement .

Battle-Cry has been developed using extensive reseach and proven ingredients that boost performance, increase energy and intensity to take strength and muscular training to new levels and new personal bests.

Battle-cry is the ultimate Pre-training, Pre-workout supplement ,scientifically engineered to focus the mind, engage the senses and get you ready for action

*over 18s only. 

Battle-Cry in more deatil

Beta Alanine: is an amino acid that forms carnosine when it binds to the amino histidine. Research shows that athletes who use beta alanine will have more strength and endurance. This ultimately means more weight, more reps and better recovery.

Alpha-KetoGlutarate; is the precursor to glutamine, an amino acid that's required for protein synthesis. AKG is n essential compund that assists many bodily functions, such as the release of cell energy, transportation of nitrogen and amino acid assimilation and metabolism.This substance also plays a key role in overall immune health and function.

Taurine: Is an organic acid found within the human body and animal tissues. It is not an amino acid but it contains an amino group of molecules so is often referred to as an amino acid or conditional amino acid. Taurine is a key ingredient of the success of pre workout boosters because it volumizes muscle cells by drawing and holding water. This process dramatically reduces cramps, assists grwoth and provides an almighty muscle pump. 

Creatine Monohydrate: Creatine monohydrate is a naturally occurring nitrogenous acid & component of skeletal muscle. Creatine is scientifically proven to assist muscle strength, size and power whilst delaying fatigue.

Caffeine:There’s an abundance of evidence showing caffeine can increase fat burning during exercise, make you more motivated to work hard, and improve your workout capacity. However, if you drink it post-workout, you will delay recovery and elevate the stress hormone cortisol just when you need to clear it. This ingredient is an essential part of the pre-workout supplements. 

Vitamin C: Is a water-soluble vitamin and does not store in the body so must be consumed on a daily basis. Vitamin C is widely known to fight free radicals ( molecules associated with ageing and cell damage ) but it also promotes healthy teeth, gums and skin. Vitamin C provides many benefits by itself but it also assists the body to absorb other essential nutrients such as Iron. Specifically regarding working outs, vitamin C has been shown to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. When you workout ,stress is what your body is under so vitamin C is a great additional supplement to lower bodily stress, promote a more anabolic state and assist recovery.


Additional warnings :

DO NOT USE IF: you have high or low blood pressure, are diabetic, are susceptible to stroke or have any heart, liver, kidney or thyroid problems.

DO NOT : exceed the recommended dose, mix with alcohol, use for more than 4 days out of 7, take in conjunction with products containing caffeine: tea, coffee or soft beverages.


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